Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Boulder Ridge Animals

Each summer we go to the zoo, but today we didn't.  Instead we went to a wild animal refuge park near where the girls live.  It's really a very nice place with lots and lots and lots of room for the animals, interesting beasts we don't usually see....bison, giraffe, water buffalo, different antelope from around the world, porcupine, wallaby, emu, ostrich, zebra, and things I don't even remember.  It was pretty interesting. 

 This guy was very big. Whoa. And close. 

There was a reconditioned schoolbus painted in zebra stripes that took us around to the large animals.
 Did you know that ostrich eggs can support 200 pounds?  That means if you weigh less than 200 pounds you can stand on an ostrich egg and it won't break.  Really!  I wonder how the chick gets out!!
 The cage with bunnies was Adelaide's favorite, of course.
 Elizabeth waited and waited for the tortoise to move.  She was rewarded with a blink.
The petting pens held this llama, goats, bison, water buffalo, some antelope, the babies are here.
But this.  This was the highlight.  Those cases hold tarantulas.  I don't do spiders, not even in pictures.  No.  Nada.  Never.  Wet my pants no.   Well, Adelaide was being so brave. She wanted to see them, and got just this close.  For 15 minutes we heard, "Mommy see me being brave of it?"  and "Grandma, let me show you how to be brave," and she took my hand and tried to lead me into this little space with these ghastly things in it.  I told her no.  I can't.  Don't make me.  "But Grandma, I'm being brave of it,  let me take you."  Too darned cute with her little hand pulling mine but no. They know spiders are not my thing and I told her if I went in there I would cry.  I told her I was so proud of how brave she was, she was much braver than me, but

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  1. LOL Looks like you are having a good time. Enjoyed the pictures. Be brave!