Saturday, August 3, 2013

Castle full of princesses and knights

Today is our Ceci's third birthday and we went to her party.  She is our princess so Princess was the theme.  She's wearing her princess dress and cousins Adelaide, Elizabeth and  Ava wore theirs.  Everything was pink and sparkly and she loved it.

 She was preparing to blow out her candles on her Rapunzel princess cake
 She did it!!!  Happy Birthday, Sweetie.
Charlie was in trouble!  He went off a twisty slide at a playground this week and broke his humorous bone. He doesn't let it slow him down.  He and his cousin were knights to the house full of Princesses, protecting them from dragons and trolls (uncles and grandpas.)
And Michael is six months old!!!

 I HAVE been trying to organize some projects.  This is one that's a few years old and I'm determined to get it finished and basted so I can work on quilting it during retreat in October.  This is my poor excuse for a design wall.
 My mom embroidered the flowers that I used for the centers of the star blocks.  She used to do amazing embroidery and I kept her very busy working on things for me so when the time came she couldn't do it anymore, I'd have lots of things she worked on.  I'm glad now I had that foresight.  She's not doing well.
People always get nose close to her work because it's so perfect it looks machine done. But it isn't, she did it all by hand.

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  1. Princess is beautiful. August babies are the best. (can you guess why I believe that) Of course, Michael and Charlie are pretty cute too. Your Mom does fantastic work. Looks like you had a great day.