Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer tradition

On the way here for their weekly summer visit the girls realized that summer is moving along faster than they'd like because there are still many things on their list that we always do but haven't yet.  So, today, we visited St. Joseph, Michigan, another beach town, that each summer displays artistically decorated "things" outside downtown stores and street corners.  Last year it was pirates, the year before barnyard animals, another year it was cows, another time, fish.  This year the theme is Trains, Planes and Automobiles.

We looked for the letters in their names on this one.....
This one was outside a burger restaurant and it was really cute.  The wheels were onions and pickles, you can see they're sitting on salt and pepper shakers, the rest was decorated as a stacked burger. The front was a tomato slice.  Cute.
I absolutely love watching them read the map to see where to go next and then afterward, remember which were their favorites.
Elizabeth kept us on the path....
... and I couldn't resist this picture!
But, ahh, what little girl doesn't love bling?  This decorated plane won hands down as their favorite.  It sparkled from the morning sun a block away. This belongs in their back yard.

Next stop, the carousel!  We had three rides and they chose a different animal each time.  For Elizabeth the horses just got prettier and prettier.
This one is part horse, part mermaid and she loved it.

"Adelaide, did you have a fun day?"

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