Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

How was your 4th of July holiday?  We had a few members of the family here for a cookout and then in the evening some fireworks for the kids.

 Elizabeth started out a bit apprehensive of her sparklers ......
 Not too sure what was going to happen with them......
 But she came into her element and by the time she went to bed she had had the most fun night of her life.  We had big sparklers.  She choreographed the fireworks show, handed out treats for us spectators,  she organized and led a parade of five people, waving flags and singing 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' as we marched in the street.  She was in charge of the party, she was up waaayyyy past bedtime, she had all the adults doing what she wanted...what more could a six year old ask?
 Adelaide was not feeling well all day, she ran a fever and had a bad headache and spent the day sleeping or being held.  Poor baby, she didn't want anything to do with sparkly things.
 But by this morning she was about 90% and was climbing ladders at the cherry orchard picking fruit.
We picked and picked and picked wonderful sweet cherries.  Then came home and ate and ate and ate wonderful sweet cherries.

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