Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bits and pieces

 What to do with a handful of fruit?  I've never make a rustic tart before.  I'm more of a top crust pie person but I was also very lazy when I made these so I tried this.  No recipe, sorry.  Many times I don't use recipes, I just do it.  The blueberries were tossed with sugar, a little flour and a dash of cinnamon. 
 Same with the peaches.  Four peaches in this one.  A little sugar, some flour and a bit of cinnamon.  They were yummy.  And I think I'll go lazy and rustic more often!

Do you know about yarn bombing?  I'd never heard of it until the city of Lowell, Michigan decided to go for it.  They asked for anything people wanted to do, but it had to be done with yarn.  Thirty-eight trees were bombed. They're really colorful and creative and add a nice look to main street. 

 Elizabeth is partial to all of them.

Make yarn, not war!

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  1. I don't know Denice, your page also makes me hungry every time! :) I love reading your blog on my lunch hour every month or so ... and SOME day I will get an ice cream maker, god knows I eat enough of it, and I will be asking you how to make the lemon ice cream!