Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Thanksgiving Eve

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day and look who came for a visit.  We looked out into the back woods this week and stopped counting at 30 of these wild turkeys.  it's deer hunting season right now so I think these birds are out celebrating their freedom for awhile.

While our daughter preps for the meal tomorrow we traditionally keep the girls out of her hair for a couple of days.  That means getting our Christmas tree while we have them here to help decorate it. So this morning off we went.  PH is liking lying on the ground sawing at trees less and less each year and this lot is part  of a tree farm and the trees are cut fresh every day so for the past couple of years we've spared PH's back and knees.
 Adelaide was excited to see this sign because she happened to bring her Rudolph along.
 I think I lost control.  But we are standing in front of our tree of choice.
 The Christmas tree stands are all going to having the spike down the middle so the tree farms just drill a hole up the center of the trunk, we bring it home, put the hole into the spike and voila!  A tree that stands straight with no help!  Ingenious.
 We were remembering the days when we had to fit a full tree into the car between kids. It's so easy now.  Attach a chain,
 pull it through the baler
 and it's trussed up like a turkey. 
 Gift wrapped on top of the car, soon to be tied down and ready to go.
 This place has a warming house with hot chocolate, popcorn, marshmallows for toasting and
 hot dogs for roasting
 The girls signed the guest book and we were ready to go, tummies full of goodness.
 This is the "I told you it didn't have to be 8 feet tall" moment.  HE was saying that to ME even though I told him I wasn't looking for tall, I was looking for nice.
 Here he is, cutting off about $8.00.
We decorated and then went to a movie.  I think we tired them out for this year.

In my quilting corner I'm working on this.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

It's All Relative: Adventures Up and Down the World's Family Tree

It’s All Relative: Adventures Up and Down the World’s Family Tree  by A. J. Jacobs

    Geneology and history are kissing cousins and I’m into both (geneology and history, not kissing my cousins.)  I spent years looking for a relative for my grandpa and found a jackpot but there are still so many unanswered questions I think will never be answered.  But you move on, don’t you?
    Not our author, A. J. Jacobs.  Especially now, in our fractured, glass shard splintered finger pointing times Mr. Jacobs thought it was important to try to figure out what family really means and if we are truly all part of the same.   He began by thinking.  And then he got an email from someone in Israel telling him that Mr. Jacobs is an eighth cousin of his wife and that he, Mr. Jacobs, had 80,000 relatives and counting.  Whoa.  We had an aunt who regaled us with her ability to put people together and wasn’t afraid to tell us someone was “a second cousin twice removed” and then we’d reach for a pencil to draw that out so it made sense.  Ultimately, of course, she was right.
    Mr. Jacobs, with great wit and humor and tongue in cheek comments takes us through every possible aspect of being related, being part of this whole human family all the way back to the beginning with y-chromosome Adam and mitochondrial Eve, DNA, twins, black sheep, kissing aunts and all.  He thought it would be fun to hold the biggest family reunion ever known and registered with the Guinness people. 
    Lest you think this is a silly book, it isn’t, it’s a serious but breezy search through time and place and gene pools but our author gives us a lot of chuckles and belly laughs as he begins climbing his tree and organizing his reunion, OUR reunion.  Wasn’t it Neil Armstrong who said, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind?”  Enter Mr. Jacobs and his quest for proving we are all family.  So, the next time someone cuts you off in traffic just remember, they’re your cousin.