Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer in the country

Yesterday I went looking for some cherries because I wanted to make cherry chocolate chunk ice cream.  I have a policy of picking my own fruit.  We live between two and six miles of any summer fruit you could want so I take advantage of this luxury and only eat the fruit  I picked  myself.   There are a couple of reasons, really.   When we were kids we 'learned' to pick and went out a lot with mom as a summer-something-to-do thing.  But I learned to love everything about the experience.  It's quiet.  It's beautiful.  It's peace filled.  It's delicious.  It's cheaper.  It's just too easy to NOT do it.
So, living in the midst of orchards and pick-your-own farms, I pick.  It's what summer is for me.

 I couldn't help but notice as I went down the road just how many fruit/veggie stands there really are!
 You can't go a country mile without finding yet another place letting you know there's something fresh and good on a makeshift table waiting for someone's dinner....or dessert.
 There is just so much to choose from!
 For a city girl the eggs are really the fun part. 

Oh, and just leave your coins in the jar, thank you very much.

And, yes, I did get the cherries.  The place was absolutely packed with people.  So I got just what I needed and knew when I needed more I could just wander back and pick a couple more pounds.  Now, on to that ice cream!

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