Saturday, July 13, 2013

This one's a winner

This one is so good.  This one is like you've never tasted good.  It's fresh lemon ice cream (not sherbert or sorbet, but ice cream)  and let me tell you, it's slap the counter good.

  I got this recipe from a blog that I read all of the time.  It's from Sue at  The View From the Great Island.  I'd like to live in her refrigerator. Her blog tastes so yummy I feel like I've eaten after I've read it. 
   On July 1, 2013 she posted this lemon ice cream and since it seemed so very easy, no eggs, no cooking, just heavy cream, milk, sugar and fresh lemons, I got the stuff out and made a batch. And I really did. I slapped the counter when I tasted it.  I even turned out a second batch immediately!
    Now, she showed hers in a cute little fluted one scoop cup.  Notice... I have MINE in a soup ladle!
    I've been having lots of fun with my ice cream maker.  I've made vanilla, buttered pecan, peach, cherry with chocolate chunks,  mint chocolate chunk,  blackberry sorbet, and raspberry sorbet.  But this one.....oh, folks, this one is worth going out and buying an ice cream machine for.  And lemon isn't the first flavor I'd choose for anything!
    You might want to check her blog out...she's working her way through the summer fruits.  She posted a good looking nectarine frozen yogurt but nectarines aren't out here yet.  I'll have to use that yogurt in the fridge for something else.  Blueberry frozen yogurt?  Raspberry?

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