Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Time Chamber

Product Details The Time Chamber by Daria Song

I’ve talked about the coloring book craze before.  I’ve said how it truly is as relaxing and settling as the book blurbs say.  I even said it’s as much, truly, for adults, and maybe more so, as it is for children. Creativity isn’t even the main part of it.  I think what we’ve discovered is that it’s time to give up and let our minds and heartbeats just settle down for a bit.   But it is so fun to see the coloring book possibilities out there now and I hope it continues.  I hope this coloring thing isn’t a flash in the pan.
I received from Blogging for Books a copy of The Time Chamber by Daria Song. It is another coloring book but what’s special about Daria’s books is they contain a story.  In The Time Chamber you follow a fairy who lives in a cuckoo clock as she decides to explore what’s outside the clock.  We see in the pictures what she is exploring. There is text but they only introduce the images she sees. The pictures to color are detailed but not intricate.  This one is a perfect choice for a daughter, niece, granddaughter who is interested in this new thing called adult coloring.  The story is the pictures, the pictures are the story.  They complement each other perfectly. 

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