Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Color Revolution

    Have you joined the coloring for adults revolution?  Yes, I say revolution.  By picking up some colored pencils, markers or even just crayons and settling ourselves in a comfy chair with good light, maybe a drink and some music in the background and maybe a friend or grandchild you can change your world if only for a few minutes. But I'll bet that few minutes lasts an hour or more.  Quiet activity can be addicting.
    Out of curiosity I purchased a coloring book for myself.  When I saw Elizabeth's eyes widen by several degrees I went looking for some books that had intricate but simpler pictures and found one. One day while Adelaide was writing stories Elizabeth and I settled with a box of brand new crayons and the book I chose for her.  PH finally had to rattle our cages, it was time go to and we had lost track of time. As we colored, we talked quietly, shared life anecdotes, shared colors.
     People keep saying as their selling point that coloring is relaxing.  It's hypnotic.  It's quiet.  It's slow. It can be done alone or with friends.  There are now coloring clubs. So, for me, the revolution lies in taking back our brains and our fast beating hearts and saying "NO" to outside stimuli if even for an hour.

    I was offered this book as a review copy. What I like about this one is there is something for everyone or every mood.  From the simplest snowflake designs to wildly intricate and detailed pages there is something for every mood, time allotment or skill level.

There is nothing like the smell of a box of brand new crayons (unless it's the smell of a new book) so treat yourself this Christmas and join the slow revolution!

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