Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Hoo boy!

      The first winter precipitation of the season and I had to go out for a haircut early this morning.  As my hairdresser said, "You don't mess with hair appointments!" 
      Now, this precip was sleet for the most part.  Sleet, for those of you who don't have to deal with it, is frozen rain.  Not snow, but frozen rain.  It falls in pellets. You can hear it hit surfaces.  You don't hear snow.  Yesterday we had about nine hours straight of hearing the pellets hit windows, porches, the ground.  It was a couple of inches deep when all was said and done.  It's very hard to drive in because it's heavy and slushy.  Snow isn't fun to drive in but it's fluffier and gives a little when you go through it.  Sleet just packs down to ice.
     So. I had this hair appointment.  It was scary going down. I drove PH down to the mailbox because this curvy, twisty, steep driveway was very slippery.  He walked back up on the brushy stuff on the sides. The picture below shows about half of the driveway.
 Coming home, I got stuck just before where that concrete planter is. You can just see the difference in track marks.  PH was out trying to use the snowblower and that didn't make me happy.  It's ice slippery and everything around here is on a slant.
 But this here is the face of stubborn.

He poured a bag and a half of salt under my tires and tried to use the snowblower to get the sludge from under my front tires. Didn't work.  I turned it off and came into the house and called the plow service.  In my sweetest, most polite voice (no laughing, you.  I really was.) I explained (again) that we have never had plow service in our 42 years together and just don't know the criteria and I got out but am now stuck in our curvy, twisty, steep driveway and my 66 year old husband is out there trying to plow the driveway with the snowblower.  If they could just explain what the criteria is we will know how much salt to buy for the season. Eventually I got enough traction to get the car out of stuck mode.
 Not five minutes later here comes the cavalry!  Truly, in the time it took to find my shoes and get my camera to take a picture of Mr. Stubborn!
I was ready to come inside, sit down at the computer and write everyone a "see you in the spring" note but maybe not!  There is a special feeling you get when the plow comes.  Freedom!!!

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  1. Mr Stubborn! Oh I laughed at that because you will never guess what I am accused of by all and sundry!!
    Our weather does not throw such challenges at us, except for extreme heat. I can imagine sleet as being incredibly slippery like driving on marbles.
    Well let's hope your hair stays beautiful until spring....if not wear a wooly hat...lol.
    And a big hello to your husband who does not know the word surrender! ......haha.
    Ps....if I want to upset my husband I say things like ..."let's just get someone in to fix that" red rag to a bull as they say....but I don't say it to upset him, I just say it in my head to soothe me.