Friday, December 25, 2015

The build up

The busy build up to Christmas Eve included choir practice for the girls
 I'm trying to somehow capture how beautiful our little church is at night and so far this is as good as I managed last night. 
Then we were off to my brother's house to nibble, toast ( he makes the BEST sangria! ) and play games for a few hours.  Here are the three of us in ascending order from the right, my sister, me and my brother, all smiling!

Our weather here is blue sky, sunshine, gentle temperatures.  This Christmas may not be white but it's so much nicer to travel when it isn't.  Happy day to you!

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  1. Your church looks very storybook pretty! Oh and you and your siblings are very pretty! Sangria!! You must get the recipe, I discovered this drink in Spain on my trip, we tried to recreate it at Christmas but it didn't taste the same as I remembered it.