Friday, December 18, 2015

I've got you covered

in chocolate!  This Christmas has turned out to be quite a chocolate experience.  I seem to have decided consciously or unconsciously that it's easier to cover something in chocolate than to make a lot of fussy cookies no one eats.

This year it's chocolate chip cookies (trying a different recipe.)

I've chocolate covered peanut butter
 and peppermint
 and made fudge
 But there is nothing, not one single thing that you or anyone will make that is as decadent and rich and over the top as this chocolate ice cream.  It's from the Sarabeth's Bakery cookbook and it's almost too much.  Almost.  I made a test batch a couple of weeks ago and while PH and I said it was too rich, our daughter's family said it was perfect.  You saw in an earlier post the girls digging in right from the carton.  The only change I made was adding peanut butter cups.  This week I made three more batches, one without peanut butter. Go to the library, or buy the book, there has been not one recipe in it that you won't want to find a corner to hide in as you eat it all yourself.  Except this.  If you ate all of this you might be found running down the street naked, babbling incoherently.

 This one is for you, Harry!

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