Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sneak peek

OK, it's about time for a sneak peek to show some before and afters because a couple of rooms can be considered done-ish.  I'm sorry the 'before' pictures are so small, but I took them on my iPad and can't seem to resize them for the computer.  But if you use a magnifying glass you get the idea.
 This is the spare bedroom (for our purposes) on the main floor.  It was painted green and two shades of purple and had decals all over the walls for their little girl.

The room had two double closets so we took the doors off one and took all the shelves out and painted it inside, then slid a full size bed into the space. There are two hanging Ikea lamps that are just adorable and I added twinkle lights around the frame of the closet.  I am losing a sewing room in this move so the other closet holds my stuff and I needed some floor space for a table for the few times I do use a machine. You can see the corner of the table in the far left of the pic.  The single bed fit nicely against the window wall.  We used paint left from the living room of our other house and it was enough to do this room.  Carpet is new throughout the house.  On the wall to your left on the other side of the table is my HAPPY CABINET. 

 I got the bird decals for the beds on Amazon. They're lifelike, not cutesy and I Love them!

This is the master bedroom.  It was painted two shades of army green with dark closet doors and trim. Again two double closets so it really made that wall dark brown.  Curtains throughout the house were dark and heavy.
 We painted it a soft seaglass blue/green.  This is very, very close to the color in our bathroom at the other house and I loved it.  Carpet is a soft, soft blue, closet doors and trim are now white. New windows coming in a week.

Dining room was painted a beige, had brown shelves all around that I thought looked like eyebrows and if they stayed would just be filled with things that needed to be dusted. And your eye went directly to them.  So we took them down. The wall on the very far right (that doesn't show) was painted orange.

 Painted everything white, the walls, windows, trim, etc.  My own hutch in the far left corner balances the built in hutch between the windows.  The previously orange wall on the very far right is now white.  Carpet is a celery green. But look at how just changing the color to white brightens up the rooms!  Friend Laurie was here yesterday and she was shocked at how dark this house is, especially the living room.  She said, "you keep saying it's dark, but this is DARK!"  Yup.  I put a plug-in night light in the living room near our bedroom door and that nightlight never goes off.  Never.

The two bathrooms are a work in progress so far.  Well, one of them is.  And the true transformation will be the living room.  Work on that starts July 2.  Boxes still need to be unpacked and places found for things in those boxes but I'm beginning to feel like letting things go.

I found an antique shop downtown that takes things on consignment and it turns out the owners live across the street from us!  So I need to get that organized in my brain and have them take a look and see if they'll try to sell for me.

Today on my way home I stopped there because I saw this hanging outside the front door.
 I've discovered Tim Latimer's blog and really enjoy what he does with antique quilts.  He seems to find lots of them, rescues and quilts them to give them the life they were supposed to have. You can find his blog at my sidebar, the last one listed. 

I stopped because this was a hexagon quilt top,  1930s fabrics and I have yet to make one single hexie. And I love the 30s fabrics.

As I looked it over I told the woman who was working the shop...."I have this fabric, and this one and this one..." so I wondered if it had been repaired, replaced or made to look old.  Nope. It's all original. The fabrics all have the same texture and feel and when I looked at the back it IS all hand pieced with equal amounts of frayed seams.  So, I gave a very, very, very little bit of money (VERY little bit) and brought it home.

Ta da!