Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Friendly visit

Friend Jan came to visit yesterday to see the work in progress.  She met painter Devin, who is here so much we've just adopted him (it takes a lot of paint to cover chocolate brown with white.)  She shared the first strawberry pie of the season, we caught up and planned on future play dates.  She lives, in country parlance, "just down the road." Maybe 10 minutes?  Definitely closer than the hour and a half it took before our move.

 Jan brought this beautiful garden ornament.  These are SO pretty.  Somehow with superglue or adhesives of some kind, plates and bowls are stacked together, a hockey puck with a hole drilled into it so the iron bar can fit is glued onto the back plate and voila!  Something that sparkles in the sun. 
Thanks, Jan!!

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