Friday, June 19, 2015

New find

I saw this cabinet at Ikea recently.  It was one of those things that you see across the room and run to it with open arms and wrap your arms around and vow to take it home.  I saw it a few months ago but PH was with me and didn't "get it."  Kind of like that quote I saw that said "taking your husband shopping is like going hunting with the game warden."  But last week Friend Marilyn and I were again at Ikea and she put it so well, "don't you think you deserve a present?"  Well, when you put it THAT way!!

Today it came out of the box in pieces, as all Ikea pieces do, when my daughter came to help put it together.  She did most of the work but it didn't even take that much work! It really is just the coolest cabinet!!

 I was able to fit just three of the ten bins of fabric in, color coordinated by shelf...yellow, red, green.
Maybe I'll have to go back and get another one???  Or maybe start making a quilt or two or ten?


  1. a matching pair would be nice but you could make a quilt

  2. Yes, you totally do need more, and I think I feel that I too deserve a spiffy cabinet also. Husbands do not get the enabling thing that we need to is the main difference between the species I generally find.
    Probably a good thing, could you imagine if we all shopped together, except I must say when husband is in a hardware store he!......he does know what he wants and then gets it then leaves. Lol. Whereas I dawdle, touch things and "look honey, I didn't even know these things existed, don't you think we need one?"
    I would like a cabinet to store some of my finished quilts, is this big enough?
    Great cabinet, good friend Marilyn!