Thursday, June 4, 2015


Ok, I know what you're thinking. She's gone bonkers. She's gone over the edge sending out pictures of inch worms.  But you see, I've gotten comments from friends about blogging more...about something other than books.  Well, there just isn't anything going on right now. Boxes. Paint. Mess. Confusion. It's unnerving.  So this evening while sitting on the porch and talking to Friend Marilyn on the phone I noticed this little guy crawling along the railing.  He was going really fast for a worm.  I wondered how close I could get and if I could catch him in action.  Assuming it's a him. But from the time of day I'd guess it's a him hurrying home for dinner.

I just can't settle down to sew.  Lost my mojo for awhile.  The desire is there but by the time we sit down at the end of the day there is no energy left. None.  We do have sightings though.  The contractor that is going to build bookshelves and raise the living room floor (yes, raise it.  It's a very 1970's sunken living room.  Two steps down, two steps up, two steps to break an ankle when you forget it's there) said he wants this job done by the last week in June.  And this is the end of the first week in June!  Painter is coming back Saturday.  We are his inside job and we wait for a rainy day.  Carpet in four rooms coming Tuesday. By then I think we will see real possibilities for an end to this.