Thursday, June 25, 2015

First sleepover

Our first sleep over in the new house.  PH and I decided since it was a nice evening we would go to the beach for supper and evening play.  We used to do that with our kids and why not?  The night was young.

 Yes, indeed, I do intend to use it as a beach blanket.  No one sat on it though, they were too busy exploring.
 If there's something to climb Adelaide will find it.
 Elizabeth and I combed the water line for fossils and we found quite a few.  We couldn't decide if this particular beach didn't have combers on it or the recent rains washed more ashore but we found a lot of crinoids.  Not sure of the spelling but they are prehistoric grasses that have petrified to stones with little holes in the middle.  They are tiny, about the size of a pencil point so you have to have sharp eyes to find them.  She's good at it.
 This is Adelaide's usual fare at Sherman's Ice Cream. A bowl of blue moon ice cream with a side of hot fudge. It was a great evening, everyone was in top form.

We have in this house a small cubby, about four feet square (give or take) and tall enough to need a step stool to reach the top.  The previous owners used it for storing summer chairs. I think the original use was intended to store firewood since it's next to the fireplace.   The girls saw it and immediately claimed it for a club house. The walls are bare plywood and I had the idea of getting old wallpaper books from the stores and choosing pages and pasting them to the walls in a patchwork.  Something to pretty it up.
 This is the before.  Elizabeth was taking down her flowers and notes that she had decorated her cubby with.
 We each took turns rolling paste onto the backs of the sheets we cut out of the books.
 It worked well. While one was rolling paste, the other was putting her sheet onto the wall.

 Adelaide's color choices were bright and mostly blues.  She likes blue.
 That's Elizabeth's cubby with the borders around her work.  She was a trooper, she stuck it out till the end with me, working hard.  Adelaide got tired quicker but she had to climb to the top shelf and it was harder on her.
Elizabeth's choices were much more formal.  She thought they were stunning and we used hers in her cubby and along one whole wall.

We're chillin' with a bowl of popcorn and a movie right now but Adelaide just asked me to read the books we got at the library this morning so I have to go....


  1. I would like a sleep over too! Lol. Could you imagine me going nuts with wallpaper at your home? Hahahaha. This is just so heart warming when grandparents really connect with their guys have mighty hearts..xx