Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Pound, pound, bang, bang

Carpet day today for a few rooms so it's noisy, noisy as they tear out things and get the floors ready. There are beds on the front porch,

 beds in the living room
 Can you see my stash?  I haven't been able to even think about opening those tubs. Can you see on the far left the two steps?  This is a sunken living room.  Take a good look because in a couple of weeks the floor will be raised and level with the rest of the main floor so I don't kill myself or break an ankle.  Both of which are very possible.
    The butter keeps asking when it will be excused from entertaining paint cans and brushes.  They are so totally not in the same class.
 The refrigerator and stove are in the dining room.
 The vinyl had to come up instead of the usual procedure of laying new on top of old.
 This is one of the bedrooms, newly painted sunnier colors.  It WAS two shades of dark purple with coca-cola brown doors and trim (you can still see the bottom trim at the floor which the painter said he wasn't going to do till the carpet was down because he's much neater than the carpet people usually are.) 
But a small positive note:  I have my new clothesline up!  I found a retractable one so it doesn't have to always be on display AND a telescoping pole!  Whoa!  I do love the clothesline.

On a side note:  tomorrow I am going to post a book and if you are a grandma you need to read the post and get the book.  It will be published at the end of June.  You must. How's that for a spoiler?


  1. it will be great when it is finished...................love the clothes line...............

  2. Oh dear! The mess, the noise, the confusion......butter doesn't work well as paint....was it comparing colours? Oh I really feel for you, I hate renovations, only because I lived in them as a child, only because my father took 40 years to almost finish.....at least the laundry gets done. It will all be worth it when it does get finished, you have a lovely home there.