Monday, December 29, 2014

New Year

It's that time of year again.  People are making plans to be better than they think they already are.  They're going to be thinner, drink less, stop smoking, read more, organize their lives, organize their stuff, eat breakfast, exercise, be nicer to their kids.  There's probably more that I haven't even thought of because I don't think of New Year's resolutions anymore.  Never much did.  Because I discovered when I was a much younger person that I'm weak. I have no will power.  And given the choice, sometimes I just long to be lazy.  I can keep a New Year's resolution for about 15 minutes.  Then something gets in the way and I've fallen off the wagon. I've come to think of New Years resolutions as a very long Lent.

It seems to me that looking back on the year past and taking stock of the good things that came our way, appreciating the little things, is a better way of improving one's outlook on life. In a wonderful book called Time Stops for No Mouse by Michael Hoeye, Hermux, the main mouse, took time every night to keep a little journal (it would be little wouldn't it?  He's a mouse.) In his journal he wrote a note of thanks for the things that happened during that day.  Some were very small, inconsequential things.  But the point is, Hermux noticed them and remembered them and was grateful.  I think it made Hermux a better mouse.

 So, not to belittle anyone who thinks that with a New Year's resolution they can become a better person and strives for it and works on it, I say God love ya. Keep me in your prayers!  But I think you're ok just the way you are.