Friday, December 5, 2014


That's how I feel right now.  Do your remember the Round Robin my friend Elke in Germany organized with her quilty friends and me with  mine?  Well, our package from Germany has been lost in the mail.  I know.  This post should be draped in black bunting. As I type this I am on hold with the postal service hoping to talk to an actual person instead of a robot to find out what to do.  Their website is like trying to navigate an aircraft carrier in a storm.

Elke mailed our quilts back to us on October 27.  We expected the same quick postal treatment  as in the past.  But I knew when the Secret Santa packages made the trip to and from Australia in a week that something was really wrong.  Sure enough. Tuesday Dodie called from Florida to say SHE received a box with just three quilt tops in it.  And a form letter from the Mail Recovery Center  saying it couldn 't deliver it, the box was opened to determine an alternate address, they found one in Dodie's journal (could have found one in mine, too) and they sent it on to her.  But there are only three.  Where are the other five?  Mine was one and so was Barb's and of course, Dodie's. 

I am nauseated.

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  1. I am so sorry Denice..... What can I say....I am crying for you...