Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Round Robin view

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I share these pictures with you.  There are no party pictures, no smiling faces, no group shots.  We have just three of our round robin quilts.  The other five are lost in the mail.  Our friends in Germany are just as shattered as we are.  These quilt tops represent a year's worth of work on their part, a year's worth of anticipation on ours. And now they are lost.  So is my heart.  I think though, that you and they should see what could have been, if for no other reason to thank the new friends we've made for their beautiful workmanship and skills and friendship. 

 This was the center Barb made
 And this is her quilt.  It's here, it's one of the three.

This was Marilyn's center 

 And this is her missing quilt

 This was Dodie's center square
 And this is what she received back.  Dodie's is one of the three here.
 This is Ines' center square
And this would have been her quilt

 Jan B. sent this star center
 And this is her quilt.  Jan lives in a log home. Can you just see it in a log home setting?
 Janet sent this center square in wool
 And this would have been hers.
 Karen sent this square
And Sally would have received this in return.  We lost Karen to cancer last February but Sally stepped in and worked in her place.

 This was my center

 And I received this back.  It's stunningly beautiful and oh, so me.  I was one of the "lucky" three to actually receive mine.

I can vouch for all of us here, if they choose to view this post (I will send them a spoiler alert), they are all gasping as I did when they see their quilt top.  

Thank you again, Friends in Germany for your hard work and participation in this round robin. We remain hopeful and while I am always near tears about the loss, I do send positive thoughts into the universe hoping for the return of everyone's tops.