Friday, December 19, 2014

Is it true?

I woke this morning to the first sunshine in weeks coming in the bedroom window. In fact, they said on the news this morning we've had 7 minutes of sunshine this whole week.  So I grabbed the camera and put my slippers on and went outside (yes, in bathrobe ) to see if it was true. 

 Yup, it's real!


  1. OMG I could not imagine only 7 mins of sunshine in a week..............the sun shines here all day every day.......except for our rare cloudy day this week...........looks lovely glistening in the tree........


  2. Beautiful photo and lovely quilt from last post. Nice to have your mums embroidery.
    I can't imagine that at this time of the year. I dint want to go out and hang out the washing its so hot.... lol