Tuesday, December 16, 2014


And you thought I wasn't working on anything quilty!
 This quilt was three years in the making, and in that time it's been to three retreats with all best intentions of being worked on diligently and I finally got far enough last October to see that if I put nose to the needle I could actually finish it. It suffered the indignity of being folded into a drawer as I worked on many other projects in those three years, always on the back burner but still nagging at me. I love putting the last stitch in a quilt and then unfurling it for PH to see.  Last night I kept a progress report going..."One more foot!"  "Yes, I want some ice cream but I have about 6 inches to go!"  "One more inch!"  "DONE!  Where's that ice cream?"

My mom embroidered the flowers I used for the centers of the Ohio star blocks. Each center is a different flower. She loved to embroider and I kept her busy with lots of projects while she still had the eyesight and brain power to do them.  We all have tablecloths, pillow cases and table runners she made and of course now think of her when we use them. 

 I made chocolate teddy bears yesterday.  I thought I should put in the effort of some Christmas cookies since the kidlets are all coming this weekend for our Christmas. I haven't made these in a few years and who doesn't like chocolate?  See their little red hearts? 
I picked out the red sprinkles to make their hearts. I made eyes with toothpick pokes and that's it for decorations.  Simple and yummy.  This weekend they'll all be on sugar overdrive so a simple chocolate teddy might be just the thing.


  1. your quilt is beautiful..............congrats

  2. Gorgeous quilt the biscuits look so good xx

  3. Your quilt is stunning! Guess you haven't just been sitting around! Love our little teddy bears! So cute!