Thursday, January 1, 2015

Toot your horns

 Go ahead.  Toot your horns, wear your crowns and run around the house with chocolate smiles. It's a whole new year and when you go back to school it will be a new month, a different year and when it's your birthday you will be a new number.  They can't wait and are wishing the time away.  And as we watched them running around the house last night I could only see the years gone that brought them to this point and wondering why the time goes so fast. 

 Us?  We enjoyed nibbling...
 We wore crowns,  popped streamers, tooted horns....
played Mexican Train dominoes while watching and singing along to a DVD from 60's groups  and played a little App trick on the girls to lead them to believe they actually stayed up till midnight. 

It was a welcome change for PH and I.  We are used to welcoming the new year in the morning. It seems to come whether we stay up till midnight or go to bed at 10.