Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Let's go for a walk

It's the last of the nice days.  Predictions for rain and storms for the next several days caused me to think my walk today should be an especially nice one so I drove into town.
 I started at the top of the marina and headed for the pier and lighthouse at the end.  Not a soul in sight.

 Gorgeous morning and I'm all alone out here.
The sand fences are up for the winter....
 It's so quiet with the tourists gone. When we usually walk the pier the girls are skipping along inside the arches (that's the rule, stay inside the arches).
 The lake is just  ripple
 It's so quiet, so beautiful, so .....
 so blue!
 Across the channel were two guys fishing on this peaceful morning.

I'm working on two projects, the same.  If I used fusibles and appliqued with a machine this (these) would have been done in an afternoon.  But since I don't it's taking longer.  I should be able to finish today.  Then to layer and quilt them.


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