Saturday, November 2, 2013

Holidays and happy days

It's been pretty busy around here the last few days. Thursday was Halloween and we went Trick or Treating with the girls. 

While we waited for the witching hour Adelaide decided to give her kitty Hamilton a ride.  Now, don't think Hamilton is upset here,  he's trying to eat that string while Adelaide is doing "This little piggie went to market" with is toes.
He lets her do anything to him. He lounges in this stroller like he's in a recliner and when you walk by you almost think he has the remote control in his paws.

 The girls dressed as My Little Ponies.  And they were so excited when other little Trick or Treaters recognized their costumes and they could show the "cutie marks" each pony has.

Friday was Charlie's birthday.  He's eight!!
 And today was his birthday party.  Fifteen friends and cousins at a roller skating rink.  What a good way to entertain fifteen rambunctious little kids!
 I was amazed. He is really good at this!   The girls came in the door jumping out of their skin with excitement!  The lights!  The music!  The energy!
 Then they got those skates on and discovered something.
 When your feet are in roller skates they have a mind of their own!
 It didn't take long before the bravery and determination got them moving along.  With a little help from mommy.
 Ceci lasted about two minutes in skates.
 She decided it was much safer with the grandmas on this side of the rink.
 Happy Birthday, Charlie!!

Phew! We're pooped!!

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