Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nuff said

 October snow
is never
 It's been coming down all day long, everything is wet and white.  I do have to say it smells kinda nice though....cold, wet.  

I love cranberries.  There is a bog nearby and for the first time ever I found some of the LOCAL berries at a farm stand.  I was excited to buy a box of berries instead of a bag of berries from the grocery store.  I love cranberries.
Today, stuck at home because of weather and waiting for a service man I decided to go browsing on Sue's blog The View from Great Island.  She is my go to when I want something I haven't thought of or am just plain looking for something good.  I would love to live in her refrigerator.  If you haven't found her blog you can look on Pinterest, too.
 Sue had, of course, just the thing I was looking for.  Cranberry shortbread bars.  Couldn't be easier...butter, sugar, flour, vanilla and cranberries.  Pat the dough in the pan, sprinkle with berries, dot with more dough and bake.  The house smells buttery and rich and.....well......
 how could you not love something like this??

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