Friday, October 4, 2013

How ugly is ugly?

Retreat is coming up and we are all pretty excited about it.  This is our fifth year at this location and let me tell you, it's like deer camp for girls.  We are fed sumptuously, wined,  coddled,  rested in the most comfy beds you've ever slept in,  the towels are an inch thick, every possible amenity is thought of. And unlike deer camp, we don't have to share the space with a single solitary man. So, twelve of us go for a great four day weekend that, as it approaches, finds our email boxes filled with messages saying simply  "R E T R E A T !!"  No signature necessary.  We know who we are.

Each year after Saturday night dinner we play the game LCR  (Left, Center, Right).  We play not for dollars, but fat quarters.  We each bring three fats and that's currency.  Now, wouldn't you love to go home with 36 new fat quarters???? Not last year.  Last year we were charged with bringing the uglies.  Nothing purchased, just dig through the stash and find three uglies.  Not only "what was I thinking" uglies, but "what was the MANUFACTURER thinking uglies!!"  And, oh man, were they ever.  No one wanted to win the game last year.  Poor Ines did win and she was charged with bringing them back this year in a quilt (at least the top). What better way to hide ugly than in a yo-yo?  She really did hide them.  I had to search for the uglies I put into the pot.  I did find them and don't like them any better this year.  Ines won't be with us at retreat this year but she brought the piece to bee last night. 

 Ines made this
 and this
 She did a great job of hiding ugly, didn't she?

This year we have to bring three fats of red, white and black.