Monday, October 14, 2013


Take one stunningly beautiful autumn weekend......
Add a porch, some rocking chairs and good friends.  Sprinkle on a few falling leaves and good conversation.
Add a generous dash of hand work...
Mix it all together, bake for four days at an inn that can't be surpassed and you get RETREAT!

Here are a few examples of the projects in progress.
Sally is making a Christmas quilt for each of her grandchildren.  She is doing the most painstakingly intricate applique and Sally's expectations of her work is perfection.  
You can't see that this is teensy.  Sally works with teensy. Those center red pieces started out at an inch.
Marilyn is putting together her bullseye quilt.  She loved working these circles. 
Janice was doing a braid quilt
Barb was quilting her wall hanging from a class she took.  Barb was matching the thread color to the square.  Imagine doing all those thread changes! 
This is the Christmas quilt Sally just finished.  She worked on it for a year. 
Each red and white piece of the candy canes was an individual piece of fabric.  They are done perfectly.  This would have brought me to my knees.  And every block in this quilt is like this!  The detail!  The small pieces! 
I wish you could see this.
Sally said there's a mistake on this block but darned if I can find it.
Look at her big "I'm finished!!" smile!  Now she is deciding on hand quilting it.
One of our group is ill and couldn't make it this year.  Three years ago when we played Left, Right, Center, these nine patch blocks were our currency.  We had to use fall colors.  Sally won them but gifted them to Karen.  Karen isn't a quilter, she is a cross stitcher.  But she is now considered a quilter by us!  Look what she did with the winnings!
She embroidered a leaf in the white squares with silk threads so there is a very slight shimmer to them.
For a first timer she did a fabulous job of it. 

I'll post more pics later.  I don't want to overload you.  We had the weekend we look forward to all year and it was perfectly beautiful.