Saturday, October 5, 2013

Someone is watching!

Do you believe in angels?   I do.  Do you believe when someone close passes away they will show themselves somehow, someway, somewhere? I very much do.  It's happened before and it happened today.  Here's the story.....

See this?  It's a mangle iron.  The kind you sit at and it has a roller and you get such nice crisp results from?  People always say, "oh yeah, my grandma had one of those!"  Well, my mom had one.
I loved ironing with this when I was a kid.  The results were so crisp and newly freshly ironed smelling. I would put anything through this thing.  My dad had the best looking undies in town! 

For YEARS my mom knew I wanted it....whenever.... and for years she kept haranguing me to take it and for years I kept saying, "yeah, yeah...I will..." and never did.  It required use of a truck which we didn't have.  It required one of these hand trucks, which we didn't have.  It required MUSCLES which we didn't have.  This thing is incredibly heavy. It was in mom's basement.  Tooooooo many stairs with a very heavy thing.

Well, it was now or never.  The house is being emptied and buyers will come looking and if I wanted it I had to move it now.  We borrowed a neighbor's truck.  We purchased the hand truck after discovering none of the rental places rent the ones with wheels top and bottom.  We drove to mom's.

First off, my brother had it moved upstairs into the garage when Two Men and a Truck came to move some other things so supposedly the hard part was done.  We "just" had to lift it onto a pickup truck. Novices that we are we roped it to the hand truck and brought it to the pickup truck.  Big lifting job ahead of us.

Patient Husband and I then stood there in the driveway looking at it.  Looking at it.  Looking at it.  Looking at it.......
Suddenly,  an appliance delivery truck pulled around the corner and STOPPED AT MOM'S DRIVEWAY.   I looked at PH, he looked at me, we looked at the two strong young men in the appliance truck.  PH went over and they asked about the name of the street. "No, that street is a block over, BUT  could you two do us a favor and I will buy your lunch.  It will take two minutes of your time.  We need something lifted onto the pickup truck."  They said sure.  Those two strong young men came over and 1-2-3-lifted it onto the pickup like it was .... like it was nothing!  PH handed them $10 for their lunch and we thanked them profusely and they left. 

That was mom.  She sent those guys. They thought they were lost but she sent them. She sent them because we have been trying to get that mangle into my possession for YEARS and we were just this close.  We needed help with something I was totally connected with her about and she sent the help. 

No doubt in my mind.  Mom's watchin'.

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