Monday, June 5, 2017


 Yesterday our Elizabeth turned ten and we were all there for hugs and cake and love.  We told stories about the day she was born, something PH and I have done with our own kids every year on their birthday.
 Some girls love horses and puppies and kitties.  Elizabeth has always love dragons! 
 Son-in-law gave each of the boys a glider and they had a race to see whose could fly the farthest. Leave it to Colin to give the boys something to do at a party full of pinkness.
 Our annual group photo is soon going to need a wide angle lens.  They are all growing so fast!
Me?  among other things, I've been working on getting the spare bedroom/sewing storage organized.  It's so easy to open the door and drop something on the table.  We took two leaves out of the table, moved furniture out and some into the closet and one day I spent a lot of time color sorting the scraps I've been saving for string quilts.  Now to get working on them!  As I look at this pile and think about it, I think I might just attach some of the longer pieces together and make scrappy bindings out of them.  Yup.