Thursday, June 15, 2017

A New Convert

     This morning Friend Laurie - we figured out today that we've been friends for 30 years - went on her very first strawberry picking outing with me.  She said she picks blueberries and raspberries but has never picked strawberries.   Well, she's a pro now, she picked 12.5 pounds!  
     I mean, come on!  Look at that juice!  I was standing in the driveway when we got home and took a bite of one and the juiciness was luscious!  You don't ever get this in a store bought January berry.
     Pie number three (in six days.)  I told PH tonight, "Ok, one more for the weekend then we can be done with the pies."  And he said, "Well, I don't know why!"  I said, "Well, allright!"  Remember, this happens for about two weeks once a year. Just two weeks for the real thing.  Look at this thing.  It just barely cleared the shelf above.
     Friend Laurie sent an email for the idea of a coulis with very little sugar and a hint of lemon and I had a box full of berries to eat before I go picking again on Friday.  I thought this was a great idea for an ice cream addition in winter.  Adding it to the ice cream base will make a very nice pink cream to welcome the addition of the berries.
     Basically, puree two pints of berries (I didn't measure them) and add about a tablespoon of   sugar ( I added a teaspoon) and a hint of lemon juice.  I added Penzey's lemon zest instead.  Just a pinch.  Puree it to liquid and put it in the freezer.  Wait for January.   It could flavor yogurt, top a cheesecake, or an ice cream base. 
     OK, no more about strawberries.  Maybe.

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