Friday, June 16, 2017

Little French Bistro

Little French Bistro by Nina George

     When you are married to a cad, a real heartless, selfish, mean spirited cad, what is your last recourse?  You think you just have to kill yourself. 
     Marianne is 60 years old, has been married to Lothar for over 40 years and she’s just had it so while on a ‘vacation’ in Paris, she gets up from the dinner table, walks to the edge of the Seine and prepares to jump in. She leaves her coat, her purse, her shoes, thinks about it one more minute and jumps.
     Of course this isn’t the end of her or her story.  She is rescued and eventually finds her way, penniless, to the Brittany coast where by default she finds herself working in the kitchen of a bistro.      
     She ingratiates herself to the people she meets in this place called the end of the earth. And they to her.  As her acceptance grows so does her confidence and soon Marianne transforms herself into a real person, something she didn’t know she was.
     I loved this sweet story.  A message to all of those at a certain age that age is just a state of mind and as long as you breathe there is a life for you.

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