Monday, December 19, 2016


      We had our Christmas this past weekend and the quilts were a hit with the boys.  They both slept with them that very night, Charlie cuddled with his on the way home and when Mikey saw the orange 'D' he said, "It's the Detroit Tigers!"  We snuggled with it while I read the book that I gave him with the quilt, Curious George Plays Baseball. So, yes, it went well. 

     We did have some unexpected guests for dinner that night, though.  While we were enjoying our prime rib and champagne the fire alarm went off.  Adelaide was frightened because they once stayed in a hotel and the fire alarm went off and the hotel had to evacuate.  But I am so used to the alarm telling me I once again burned the garlic bread, or when we lived at the lake it went off anytime it got humid, I just kind of ignore it.  I know, I know.
     Well, the alarm would beep and stop.  Beep and stop.  Beep and stop.  Each time Adelaide was concerned and we told her all was ok.  Not to worry, we were fine.  A couple of times someone pressed the reset button but it would beep and stop again. Poor Adelaide, she was trying to tell us to pay attention.
     Finally, DIL Erin said when it makes a noise like this it's not fire, which is a constant alarm, but this is more the carbon monoxide noise. SIL Colin took the unit off the ceiling and read the label that said to "seek fresh air."  OK, now you have my attention.  I said, "We have 9 people sleeping here tonight and 5 of them are children.  Who is going to be the canary in the coal mine?  Maybe we should call."
     So, I called 911 and explained our non-emergency so "no sirens, please" but we think someone should come and check us out.  A few minutes later we had 5 firemen in full firefighting apparel and equipment in our house and the eyes of our almost 4 year old Mikey were extra large.  They tested and tested and tested and determined it was our almost out of date alarms that were malfunctioning.  There was nothing to worry about, we could go to sleep with peace.  I passed out peppermint patties to the VERY cute firemen and they left.  We told Adelaide she reacted EXACTLY as she should have and didn't let us rest until WE reacted.  I was given my own personal lecture by the firemen not to ignore alarms.  Mikey thought the whole thing was, "awesome."
 Adelaide now has her own typewriter and it fascinated Charlie and Ceci.  She was quite the pro showing them how it works.
This is what Elizabeth calls lunch.  A plate full of chocolate chip cookies, peppermint patties and Hershey kisses.  She almost got away with it but Mom walked in the room so there was some negotiating. 
 Today was Adelaide's music program at school.

She had a speaking part that introduced the next song.  Well done, Darlin'
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


  1. I am sorry I haven't responded quicker! You are popping out posts quicker than my brain can respond.....I know I have a slow brain right now, that what heat does to me. Those quilts are going to be such a reminder of your love towards your grandchildren. And you do have the best adventures! It certainly is a good idea to check for carbon monoxide, we have had a few tragedies here in Australia from this type of thing. Your grandchildren are going to remember these festivities when things go a little awry, much more than when things run smoothly I suspect! Now my brain remembers a tale about your clumsy injuries.....your friend ran over your hands? What were you doing, lying down to reserve a parking spot? Hahahahaha.......and talking of hands, your lovely previous post and photography was simply lovely.

  2. Oh Denice what lovely photos and so glad it was a false alarm for you. Your Christmas looks so nice. The kids look so happy. The boys look very impressed with their quilts, they look great. Nice work.