Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Show and Tell

I am holding up my gift from Florence in France for all to see.  She sent me a beautifully stitched little hanging and let me tell you, it is gorgeous. 

 The stitching is perfect - I wish you could see it up close. I give you this so you can see perfection.
 Fun little holiday buttons decorate the top and bottom.

 This is beautiful, Flo, and I send you a big thank you hug!
She also sent this book box.  Box book?  Either way, it's perfect for me, Bookwoman.  Closed, it looks like a book with the end pages the alphabet, but inside it's completely lined and the lid fits snugly.  Wow. Perfect!

Thank you Florence, your gifts are perfect and I love them! You can check out Florence's blog here and on my sidebar.

 And thank you, Chookyblue for again organizing this fun Christmas exchange. 


  1. Oh they are lovely gifts Denice. Enjoy the holiday season.

  2. I'm glad you like it !! The box is a pencil case or anything you want to store !!
    Best wishes !

  3. Wow Denice,such awesome gifts,chooky swap is always so much fun.

  4. That is stunning. What a wonderful gift.

  5. Beautiful gifts from Florence - the book box is a great idea!

  6. Such a lovely stitchery wall hanging from Florence. Looove that box too. ( I love tins and boxes).c

  7. what a beautiful wall hanging from Flo...........I think I have that one to stitch.........thanks for being part of the SSCS once again........

  8. Beautiful wall hanging from Florence, gorgeous the box too, fun...