Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas is coming

Last night Christmas came to Lowell.  Word was out that Santa was coming to his seat on the Showboat and the line started to form by 5 p.m. 
 There was lots to do to keep warm.  The little ones were all running circles around each other, while parents and grands kept warm with
 roasted chestnuts.  If you've never had one, all roasted and smelling wonderful, they taste like a baked potato.  Warm, softened inside and tasting just a little smoky from the charred shell, which you peel off. Each year our daughter and SIL roast and sell them for this event.
 They're hard to resist if you are standing nearby.  There are also vendors offering hot chocolate, hot dogs, and cookies.  No reason not to warm your hands on a cold night.
 While someone held your place in line you could take a carriage ride,
 pet the reindeer
and pose for grandma. 

After the last couple of days, they promised today would be snow free and sunny.  Hrumph. Not actually.  But last night's snow was very, very light and fluffy so PH went out with his leaf blower to see what he could get done before he left to help SIL coach Elizabeth's basketball team.  The first game was today so it's important and the plow hasn't come yet.
This is PART of the driveway.  There's one more curve to accomplish at the left and he isn't all the way down.
Brunch outside the dining room window. That squirrel is waiting in line.


  1. That looks like such fun. I wish I could have attended, but we have snow here...and no one wants me on the road. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Loving the views while I'm cooking here in a 41 deg Celsius day...