Friday, December 23, 2016

Baking skills

Didn't think I would post something so close to Christmas but when our daughter posted these pictures of Elizabeth I asked if I could use them here.  Last week we gave her a baking cookbook in her stocking and she decided on a chocolate chip sandwich cookie as her first project.  Daughter said she let Elizabeth do the whole thing, even turning on the oven, which was quite exciting.
 Elizabeth and Adelaide love to bake, I posted about their mad scientist concoctions before  and somehow the things they throw into the bowl seem to work. Somehow and sometimes. But Elizabeth is old enough now to work on the discipline of learning to do it right allowing for imagination and substitutions later.
 I think there is nothing like baking to sharpen math skills. Baking is following directions, fractions, science and sweet gratification. 

  Start at the beginning, do everything one step at a time and in the end you have a chocolate chip sandwich cookie in your hands.
I'm on my way over there right now to sample!

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