Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Busy Fingers

Well, just look who stopped at my house yesterday!   Santa came with a package all the way from Flo in France!  I am taking part in Chookyblue's SSCS (Secret Santa Christmas Swap) again this year and while the package I sent off with Santa was headed for Australia,  this one was coming to me from France.   We are allowed to open the ornament now but must wait till the big day to open our main gift.   How nice that Flo added tea to go with the gingerbread man ornament!  How did she know I drink at least a gallon of tea every day??? (Really, I do.)
Here's the man of the moment getting acquainted with the other ornaments on the tree.  Thank you, Flo!  Your blog will now be on my sidebar for all to share!

I never cease to amaze myself sometimes.  My hope was to get one of these quilts done by Christmas, the one for Michael, but I did give myself permission to not fret because his birthday is in February and it could go to him then.  Charlie would get his whenever. 
But look!!!  Not only did I get one finished, I got BOTH finished with time to spare!  The quilts are almost identical.  The front of each is the big baseball, the back of each is the big orange Detroit Tiger "D" but the backing fabrics are different stripes and the binding is different. 
Yes, they are lying in the snow for a brief moment but never fear, PH was standing just off to the left ready to lift them the second I snapped the pictures.  He held them up out of the snow till I told him to let go for a minute.

I am trying so very hard to use what I have in my stash.  That's why the bindings are different.  The green dots match almost to the thread the green stripe front and if you use your imagination they can be thought of as little baseballs on the field.
I had this stripe and shocking (!) there was enough to cut a bias binding even though I cut three rows of it wrong (yes, three.)  But the back of this quilt is a navy stripe, the stitching on the ball is red and the green stripe works with field on the front.  In my brain it worked.

Oh, my, there are no words to say how SO very happy I am these are both finished and ready for Christmas!  I'm going to put the needle away for awhile and go read till Christmas. 


  1. Hi Denice ! I'm glad you like the little man !! Enjoy a warm cup of Christmas tea !!

  2. Loved your ornament from France! How fun to participate in an exchange like this. You have really been productive. Love your quilts!

  3. Those quilts! They are just wonderful. Not too cutesy, designed to last well into a young mans life. Such a gift of love and will be a gentle memory of your presence when you cannot always actually be there.
    Well pop the kettle on because I too swill a gazillion cups throughout my day. Mind you they have to be just the right temperature, not too hot, not too cold but when it hits that magical temperature......ahhhhhh so refreshing. Oh and preferably from a porcelain cup, bone china only....don't worry I have plenty to share. Happy Christmas to you and your family!

  4. what a lovely little gingerbread man you have there from Flo.......enjoy........

    great work on the quilts........I am sure they will be well loved.........


  5. I love to read your blog ... I don't get a chance to check it often, but when I go I get sucked into reading a lot of it!! : ) These are fantastic! Merry Christmas to you and PH ; )