Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Morphing is something that happens a lot when I make a quilt.  I sometimes use a pattern but sometimes I get hair brained ideas and decide to go it alone and this sometimes gets me into trouble.  Not always, but sometimes.  Like this time.

Mikey needs a big boy quilt.  He's the only grand who doesn't have more than the quilt I made when he was born.  I saw an idea and decided to make one for him and Charlie.  This is when the morphing comes in.  The quilt I saw was on Pinterest and it had five very large baseballs on it.  Large like in 44 inches in diameter.  I knew that would be a big undertaking, making two quilts like that so I brought it down to three.  And then after making the one ball decided the quilt would have one ball.  Sewing all of those red stitchings on by hand twice was hugely time consuming.  But I did it.  Appliquing the ball onto the background was one evening's work (the green stripe will be cut away from the back of the ball soon.)  Easy peasy.

 Then, DIL said to make sure the quilt has something Detroit Tigers on it.  While I had use of the enlarger for my wall, I enlarged the monogram "D" and pinned and basted it in the middle of the back.  Problem is, it's a long stretch with lots of bunched up fabric in my hand trying to reach the "D."   More slow work.

 I planned to spend this day that new windows are being installed in the house appliqueing the "D's" it was just too pretty outside to be sitting inside.  When we get to this part of the year we never know when the last nice day is here till it's gone and there are no more.  I took my current book out to the back to enjoy the sunshine, the view and the birds.

But they are so distracting!  I often tell people that I sit in front of the house more than in the back because the back is so beautiful it's distracting!  The birds are so darned much fun to watch and when a breeze comes up the leaves fall like rain.  There's a determined and very smart squirrel out there that I spend much too much time trying to outsmart.  How sad is it that I'm not smarter than a squirrel?

There is another project that I've been working on and is finished but I can't talk about it right now.  It's a secret.

Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy and cold all day.  I should go back out and join the birds and that squirrel while I can.

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  1. Love the birds. And yes I am glad I am not doing that monogram.But he will love it.
    Today it is windy and hot here , the nice green grass will dry quickly. We have been swimming a lot in our pool and I spent yesterday planting flowers to have a nice show for Christmas. Such opposite ends of the world. Take care