Monday, October 10, 2016

Do You Apron?

This past weekend was retreat weekend.  From Thursday lunch till Sunday brunch we were coddled by our Inn keepers so we could spend the time between succulent meals stitching on our projects.
 Just a little bit of heaven twice a year.
 Here we are, from your right going left, me, Joyce, Lisa, Janet, Barb, Marilyn, Nancy, Vicki and Sally. We were so lucky, our weather was perfectly October.

Last year someone, I believe it was Marilyn, suggested we make aprons for this year, trade if we want or keep if we want, but let's do aprons.  I wear aprons all of the time because I'm a bit of a slob when it comes to cooking.  If it isn't splashed on my shirt I'm grabbing the closest towel, either way, I tend to end up a mess.  So I wear aprons. For that matter I should wear bibs, too.  I greet the guests at the door still in my apron and tend to keep it on throughout the party - mainly because it's so much a part of my look that I just forget to take it off! This little project spoke to me but I've been saying lately, "I quilt, I don't sew."  Hang my head in shame, Friend Jan  made mine for me.
 Joyce's apron was made of oil cloth.  Perfect for a messy batch of blooping spaghetti sauce!
 Lisa made a reversible one and it was so cute.  Hanging my head in shame, this is also her first attempt at garment sewing and I didn't see her running off to a friend to make it for her.   I can see me dipping my peppermint patties wearing this one.  The chocolate would be hidden well!
 Here's the other side.  Isn't it cute?
 Here she's modelling one Janet made.  She looked so cute in it she should be wearing a pair of Mary Janes!
 I absolutely flipped my lid over the apron Marilyn made!  Oh, my, I loved the style, the fabric she chose, the look. 
 Barb made hers out of a pair of old blue jeans!  She thought it much too utilitarian for the ones we brought, but hey, I would wear it in a minute when making something really messy and not feel bad about splashes.
 Janet made four and she doesn't even wear aprons!  This is the one Lisa modeled.  It's absolutely church lady, isn't it?
I really liked this one. A half apron is a good idea but I'd just ruin my shirt.  I need the full frontal!
 My mom would have love, love, loved this one.

 Vicki made a perfect apron.  It's reversible, covers well, fits nicely, and as someone suggested, didn't make us look fat.  Hmmm...I guess if I'm mixing a batch of cookies or dipping chocolates I'm past that concern.

 There isn't a picture of me in mine but this is the one my friend Jan made for me.  I loved the fabric (below) and thought it perfect for the Christmas cookie task ahead of us.
The apron project was a really fun one, something different than we've done before, and I think maybe there might even be a few apron converts among us.


  1. I do indeed apron! In that I collect them and they sit neglected in my kitchen drawer. I have found quite a few adorable aprons in thrift stores and I just cannot resist them. You are quite right about finding one that fits and looks good, being a voluptuous type and needing good coverage of the belly region, most store bought aprons just don't make the muster. I have made a great apron and yet it still sits in the drawer..... !
    Actually aprons are also great to wear when sewing as threads stick to all places and I have been known to pop to the store with a snowstorm of stray threads all over. Your models all look very happy, well done.

  2. I do apron at Christmas and on big baking days. Tell the girls they all did a great job of modelling their aprons but Oh Denise being the one who always wears her apron where is your modelling effort ???? Looks like a fun weekend.