Saturday, October 1, 2016

Act of Love

Lest any of you think I haven't been working on something, this is finally it.  I'm making two baseball quilts for the two grandboys.  Originally I planned on five balls per quilt but after the angst and the time it took to applique by hand each of these stitches I whittled it down to three then one ball per quilt.  I realized soon enough if I tried to do any more than that they would be finished in time for their weddings and I'd be a 102 year old wizened old lady with deformed fingers hunched over the last stitch.   As it is there is still one more big applique piece that's going on the back of each quilt.


  1. Looking great but I know what you mean about taking forever to finish. Good luck. No sewing for me this week. Evelyn and I are having our first sleepover (three days)?? But the good news is we are using the new swimming pool....

  2. They're gorgeous--just right! Oh, crap--the Old English D! Yikes ...