Monday, July 25, 2016

Step 5

 Step 5:  Keep on keepin' on. It's still fun.  This is how far I've gotten and the things I learned by Step 4 still pertain.
     * LOTS of tape.  Buy a case of it.  Points are points. 
     * The bigger ones are easier than the smaller ones, surprisingly.
     * Caffeine
     * Big is better but small breaks it up visually and it also means more tape.
     * Unless you are a freehand artist, stick to the geometrics you can measure and tape off. This means not a lot of 'applique' blocks. That's ok. I applique with fabric, I piece with paint.
     * It's ok to finish one, hate it and paint over it with white to begin something else.  Who's going to  know?

 This is the view as you drive up the hill

 This is what we see when we open the garage door.
The birds are paper, just trying them on for size.  Elizabeth-with-the-artist's-eye said they are proportionally good.  I'll copy some different poses for them and make some patterns.   The orange peel pattern will have textures painted on all of the peels....eventually. I'm leaving the background white.
I don't like that blue stripe that matches the wall on the rainbow.  Maybe a border to break it up.
 I can only work in the morning because of the angle of the sun so it takes a couple of days, really, to do one square.  The first day is drawing it on and maybe taping it if the weather is going to be good overnight.  Maybe get one color on. The second day is the second or third color.  There's a lot of waiting for paint to dry but it's been so hot it dries quickly.  I try to have two or three patterns drawn so I can go back and forth.  I'm stuck on the geese.  There isn't space to do anymore so I have to find something else geometric to put in that middle.  The little green thing is my tease on wool.  It's little and makes me laugh so it can stay.
   I love, love, love gingham. You can see that even though tape is tape, a concrete wall is also a concrete wall with dips, holes, ridges and grooves that allows paint to ooze past.Sometimes I just have to touch up, like I will have to on the bottom border.  This one has been up for a week and I just noticed sitting here looking at this photo that there are supposed to be seven button flowers and I have painted six..  This one is my favorite if I had to pick one. Generally, I don't care much for the black/white/red combination but Elizabeth said go red and she was right.
This would be a close second favorite.  I did this one this morning and it went up really fast.
I find a lot of ideas and color schemes on Pinterest and browsing through my books.  This one was on Pinterest and I loved it.  Simple, clean and one little bird to draw you in. (By the way, it's straight on the wall.)

There are seventeen blocks total. There are eight blanks left to do and much detail and birds, too. I'm not sure what I'll do going up the stairs. Maybe something, maybe nothing. 


  1. are amazing! This could have been a little "kitsch" in the wrong hands.....but you have got it so right. The scale, the colours, the design..............LOVE IT!!! It must make you smile a little when you drive up to the house. It's going to look amazing in winter when it is the only colour around.

  2. wow you have done so much! it is looking great! especially love the last quilt of the tree and also the black/white/red flower applique one!
    Love it...such a great idea for the space

  3. Over. the. moon. Can't wait to see it!