Saturday, July 16, 2016


We've had quite a week! Not one stitch applied to a piece of fabric, but sometimes you just have to take a break and that's what we did.
Last Sunday PH's family reunion  included the required game of Euchre. 
In this family the children are weened on Euchre. You're never too young to sit on someone's lap and learn.

The next day we joined our daughter and her family at a cottage at the lakeshore where we used to live.  We have good friends who graciously gave us their place for a week and we looked forward to seeing our friends from the neighborhood and doing the things we did while we lived there. 
 This was a very hot week so everyday was beach day.
 And everyday the waves were too much fun.  The girls stayed in the water for hours. They wore themselves out.
 But there was time off occasionally for some painting on the beach.
 Elizabeth's picture shows everyone playing in the waves and you can see the five of them in the surf (minus me.)
That's me in my beach chair catching up on my reading.  Notice the sand Elizabeth put on her wet canvas.
 And, ever true to detail, she is comparing her tube of white paint to my hair to make sure she has a good match.
 There were go carts
 and miniature golf
 more painting on the patio where Adelaide painted a picture of her pink puppy
 and a concert at the vineyard
 It's hard to be young and full of energy and sit still listening to music so a game of frisbee helped.

 We were busy having fun but there was ample time to read

 and catch a quick nap.

Now we are home and ready to begin again. But it sure is nice to take time off to play.


  1. So much to do! Glad to have you home :)

  2. What an amazing portrayal of a great family holiday. I just love the natural photos you captured.