Friday, July 1, 2016

Beach day

Yesterday was our first beach day.  And while we had sunshine and blue skies and elephant clouds  it was chilly.  Quite chilly by the lakeshore.

 The girls brought their new boogie boards and played in the stream that fed into the lake.  They like this beach because of that stream, it keeps them busy forever.  The lake was so cold Adelaide said you could get frostbite going in, but it didn't stop her.
 In fact she dared Grandpa to see who could stay in the longest and she stood there determined to win.
 But when she came out she wrapped herself in blankets and towels to calm that gooseflesh down.
 Elizabeth and Grandpa worked on skipping stones.  The lake was calm enough to get some results.

After hours in the sun and sand and cold water and lunch and finishing my read aloud of the BFG, she gave up.


  1. You live in a beautiful place in this world. It's amazing how cold inland waters can be, so well done those intrepid souls. Next time I want to see you put a timer on the camera and stand there too....hahahahaha.
    The BFG is my daughters all time favourite book. She and Roal Dahl share the same birthdate!! Sadly I have not read any of his stories but I will see the movie.

  2. You've got your animals wrong--it's a bear or a pig ;)