Sunday, July 3, 2016

Step 4

Step 4: No excuses. Weather is beautiful, it's probably the last open weekend of the summer.
Things I've learned:   Points are just as hard with paint as they are with needle and thread.
                                   Buy lots of painter's tape
                                   Little squares are a pain
                                   If you're in it for the long haul, have caffeine handy
                                   Use GOOD paint (I am) 
                                  There are probably other things but I'm too tired to think of them.
 The green basket isn't finished.  I'm going to put flower detail in the pale yellow but I have to get a couple of artist brushes with very fine but stiff points. The only one that IS finished is the big Amish one.  In the beginning I thought of doing an Irish Chain but I slapped myself into submission instead.  And after doing these corner blocks there is absolutely no doubt I would be insane after an Irish Chain.  I AM going to add detail, texture, etc. to all of the blocks.  I don't want them all looking Amish. How many of us quilt with solid colors exclusively?  Not many.
 I also try to draw a couple on so I can think of them as I go or just go outside when I have an hour or two to fill some spaces in.  This one is going to be a Grandmother's Fan.
This one the Orange Peel. I haven't decided yet what color I want the background to be but when I had the other colors open I painted in a peel.  Painting a curve is immensely easier than taping off and painting a square.  LOTS of touch up needed with those little brushes I have to buy because this is a concrete wall and you can see the seams on this one.  Painting in those grooves - even drawing them in is hard.  Painting a square over a lumpy seam wasn't pretty at all. These will all have a pattern on them when finished.

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks so this will probably be it for awhile.  But maybe not, if I get those little brushes for detail.  This one should go quicker if I can think of a background color.  Any suggestions?


  1. Denice your walls are going to look magnificent! love it, almost wish I had walls outside to paint.

  2. Holy crap, Denice--this is simply amazing. Why haven't you been doing murals for years?! I'm blown away and will have to see it in person before school starts up again. I think it should be an Art Prize entry :)

  3. Wow...just wow!!! Now when you finished there, I think you should replicate the painted quilts into cloth quilts....Huh? Huh? Just spectacular!