Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Kindness of Strangers

Recently I found a group of quilters here in town. I'm new to town and new to their group but we're quilters, right? It's summer so there were just four of us last night. I said something about "my wall" and was asked to show some pictures.  I mentioned that I was sort of bound to doing geometrics I can tape off because I can't draw freehand. No talent there!  Well, one of the women said she had an overhead projector I can use to project some applique patterns onto the wall, then I would be able to do some.  Wow. She didn't even know my name and she's offering use of her projector! I was touched.  I thought about it overnight, revisited my Wall post on Pinterest and decided to take her up on her offer.

 So this was my task for today.  While I have the machine I am going to project the birds on the clotheslines and draw them all on and do some applique squares to add a little variety.
 I always liked the oak leaf pattern and since we are in the forest I want to inject some tree and bird things in some of the squares.
 Putting a little brown here and there will help with the finale square at the very end.  THAT one will be a big one and will take days so I'm saving it for last.  In the meantime, a shot of brown here and there. 
 And today.  This is another one I used the machine for.  I painted it like a robin because we have one that builds a nest on the front porch.
 Don't the birds just add so much?!!??  With the birds up there, we have movement!  I also did the schoolhouse block this morning. I always liked that one, too, but it's too much piecing so I put it here in paint.
 The laboratory
My goodness.


  1. Hey....
    Miss jenny and I are perched up in a motel room drinking tea still in bed..... About to head out to Nundle for our retreat weekend.....
    Discussing our blog friends and I find this post of yours.... The wall is looking great......

  2. The birds do add another dimension to this vista......and unlike real birds.......they won't poop on your quilts........hahahahaha. Yeah sorry, trust me to bring it down to the lowest denominator!!
    Quilters are great people generally, and some do show great acts of kindness. I think the idea of yours and hers was brilliant, the gallery of quilts kicks up a notch.

  3. This project is looking great! I can't wait to see it when you're done. Driving through the thick trees up that hill and then voila.......the big reveal. Quite the task given how hot it's been these past weeks. Good for you!