Sunday, June 19, 2016

Step Three

Friend Marilyn to the rescue!  I had all of the shapes drawn in pencil on the wall and would have proceeded to draw on quilt designs - actually I did for one of the squares.  But she suggested I paint them all white so the colors I use will be true.  But of course!  I would have ended up doing this  the hard way because I overthunk it.
 This morning I taped off the shapes I had drawn and painted them white.  The added bonus is being able to see the size, balance and proportion. I used the pattern Friend Barb drew on the photograph for placement and approximate size. Remember, each section is 8x8 foot or 5x8 foot so the squares can't be small. I think the smallest is 16x16 inches.  That big one right straight ahead is 60 x 60 inches.
I ran out of tape with just two to go so this evening I finished them, that's why the sun is so bright in some places (I adjusted the camera settings to make the blue darker because the sun really was too bright to see the white on some of the sections.) See what you think and let me know.  Is it balanced?  Should there be some that are bigger or smaller? There is nothing that can't be changed, it's just paint.   And yes, I see it too, one of the side panels doesn't have a clothes line.  That's an easy fix the next time I open the can of black paint.

This is a busy week coming up so I don't think I'll get to this again till next week.  The white paint will cure and I can then do some sketching and maybe even do one of the squares!


  1. So incredibly cool--isn't there some local Lowell newspaper who can cover this?! SO sweet, Denice :) You're going to be the talk of the town.

  2. good job's going to look great..............

  3. I think the balance looks pretty good there. Well done friend Marilyn, for that gem of a tip. The picking of colours and designing quilts next!

  4. It's coming along great! As I look at the painted white quilt sections, I thought.....not many people would be willing to tackle a project this size. You are absolutely fearless!!! So glad to have a tiny hand in the process. Can't wait to see the next step...........not to rush you! 😉

  5. Not many people would attempt a project this size. You are fearless! Now I'm anxious to see the next step. Glad I was part of the "creative team" coming up with ideas rather than the "production team". I've always been more of an idea person. ����. Friend Barb