Sunday, June 12, 2016

Busy weeks

It was another busy week, the last week of school for this side of the state so there was a lot of excitement for summer and tears as the kids said good-bye to favorite teachers and even their principal.

One evening we made the trip across the state to see Ceci's dance recital. Her dance was to the tune of Jailhouse Rock.  The only boy in the class was the jailer, the girls in their prison stripes - with sequins, of course. 
The cutest little convict you'll ever see (unless it's your own granddaughter.)

 On Saturday we travelled back across state to see the last of Charlie's baseball games that we can get to.  It was brutally hot Saturday.  The car recorded the outside temperature at 96 degrees.  Wouldn't you know this particular field was in the middle of a few parking lots so that's where we had to sit, in an asphalt parking lot without trees, soaking up the radiated heat, with only the shade of a chain link fence.  It was brutal.  I felt for the little guys out on that field. The heat was awful, they drank and drank but a baseball field is out in the middle of sun baked dusty ground and these kids suffered. 
Charlie went from this torture
 to this as soon as he got home.

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  1. Summer is a distant memory here......cold Arctic winds prevail. Those adorable faces, such precious times!