Thursday, June 16, 2016

Eden Hill

Eden Hill by Bill Higgs

     Eden Hill is one of those light, breezy, easy to swallow books that you can use to cleanse your palate.
     Eden Hill is and always has been pretty much the same.  The town is small and everyone knows everyone’s business and if they don’t, they will soon enough.  Virgil Osgood owns the service station, the only one in town but one day his world is shaken when a new, by the book , shiny, up to date station is built right across the street and run by a young man just trying to make his place in his world.  Eden Hill doesn’t seem to be the size town where two service stations can co-exist.  Enter Reverend Caudill. 
     The Reverend has been tending to the needs of the people in Eden Hill for years and is finding himself in his own rut.  Now that there are two service stations, the only two of anything in town, besides churches, he must figure out a way for everyone to get along, a way for both to co-exist.
From here the story is predictable.  You know what the Reverend is going to do before he does and you know how the problems of the townspeople will be resolved.  All with a dash of southern charm.        
     This one will remind you of Mayberry, and I’d like to say a little bit of Mitford, but Mitford’s characters are more of everything.

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